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Seattle and Pdx: Value Added!

These are both neat towns. I live in Seattle and enjoy Portland very much. A few things vex me somewhat, though. Here’s one:

The strange and magical value added rebranding thing that happens when the ordinary becomes uberhip when associated with these cities. 

A certain hospital show. That other one with that guy from Cheers who lived near the space needle and had that english nanny. Coffee. Books.

  • These are the very places where you will see handwritten quotes of Raoul Vaneigem‘s “Revolution of Everyday Life” on cute dangly pricetags on $300 shoes.

Can someone explain to me why pedestrian things like pies, bicycles, and taco trucks are “bohemian”? I like these things, but they’re pretty ordinary.

I can’t wait for Seattle or Pdx to reinvent pancakes. Why not?

It’s almost as if the attitude is “If people in middle america do it, it’s LAME…if we give it a hip spin with some graphic design and an air of superiority, then it’s SUPER COOL AND WE INVENTED IT.”

See: birds, logging boots, beer, rock music (sorry, but people play it everywhere), bikes, veganism (this has been around forever). I’m aware that the quality of all these things is very high in Pdx…but come on. Places like Pdx and Seattle were a lot cooler when they didn’t act like the rich girl who got to spend 2yrs “slumming it” and now brags about it to the other suburban housewives. I gotta go. Keep smiling!


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