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Post-Bop Pimpoint

Not a full review because I had too much fun this weekend listening to hours of live Dolphy and Mingus sessions on youtube. Adderley often gets a overshadowed by his bro Cannonball, but he can jam and is not to be overlooked. If you like any contemporary Japanese jazz bands like Sleepwalker, Soil and Pimp or The Seatbelts I think some of the swing-bop on In the Bag will appeal to you. The level of disparity is pretty wide though. I thought In The Bag, Motzart-In, New Arrival and Chatterbox were some of the best studio tracks I’ve heard this month. The rest of the album is misguided blues and gospel.

4 good tracks are 4 good tracks, so I’m not complaining. Wayne Shorter will be up tonight, but in the meantime bounce around your apartment to Adderley.

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  1. Appreciate the reblog…love the ladies, Johnny keep em comin’ 😀

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